Plantation Boat Mart is the number one annex for HCB, and has been for the past 17 years.  We bring the financial stability, and the demonstrated passion and intellect for the product that all buyers deserve.  Plantation Boat Mart is partnered with the factory and our Islamorada, Florida location is right next to the factory’s test center, and we are just two hours down the road in our other Palm Beach, Florida location.

We invite customers and those considering a HCB custom yacht to come to one of our facilities and sea trial ANY of our models, give us your feedback and impressions…get to know us and fall in love with our yachts. We will fly you down on our own nickel – just give us a call! Or, if you want to start at the factory where the magic begins, we will meet you there, too.

PBM’s owners, themselves, personally spend months on their HCB’s traveling, fishing and diving throughout Florida and the Bahamas. They literally log thousands of miles every year on their boats and are in constant communication with the factory forging a strong voice for product enhancement.  HCB is not just a product line in our portfolio at our dealership, it is a lifestyle.