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Brian Lesko - HCB Account Executive

Brian Lesko

HCB Account Executive
Phone: 305-853-3313
I have been blessed to grow up in Islamorada where I was introduced to boating at six years old. After graduating from Island Christian school I went to college in Kentucky. I moved back to Islamorada and started working with my parents at their marine canvas business. While working for them I started buying and selling boats on my own. In 1996 I started the Islamorada Boat Center which I owned and operated for 17 years. I have a lot of experience in the marine industry and I want to use that to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied, and enjoy their boating experience whether it is their first time on the water or they are a seasoned veteran.
Capt Greg Kovsky - HCB Account Executive

Capt Greg Kovsky

HCB Account Executive
Phone: 305-853-3324
Born in the Pacific Northwest ,the son of a WWII Merchant Marine. Love of boating and the sea was instilled in me early. Working as a Master Captain of Power and Sail, From Alaska to Costa Rica, Italy to Greece, Florida and the Bahamas, has brought me adventures and friends around the world. Now I stand ready to help you as fellow members of the HCB family to live YOUR Dreams on the water.
Wako Kollenberg - HCB Account Executive

Wako Kollenberg

HCB Account Executive
Phone: 561-694-5815
From the age of 3 boating was ingrained in my DNA. Growing up on a house boat we spent most of our weekend nights on every lake and river in Kentucky. Since then I have owned several boats; ranging from pontoons and wakeboarding boats to cruisers. I attended college with a focus on finance and was quick to realize my passion for the water is where I needed to build a career. At the age of 20 I took a job in a boat yard to advance my overall knowledge of the industry. From there I became extremely diverse in the service industry and began buying and restoring yachts, becoming a fiberglass and gelcoat expert. A couple years in I hooked up with a yacht broker in Louisville, Kentucky and continued to diversify my portfolio. After 7 years in the marine industry and advancing as far as I could in Kentucky I moved to the Yacht Capital of the world – South Florida! From there I started managing a detailing company and began building connections, which brought me to Plantation Boat Mart. I strive for excellence and customer satisfaction. If the customer is not fully satisfied with their yacht buying process then I haven’t done my job correctly. I am dedicated to serving the yacht community with as much passion and love as I have for the water. There is no better joy then what you feel when you’re on a boat with friends and family.
Henry Rocco - Sea Hunt Account Executive

Henry Rocco

Sea Hunt Account Executive
Phone: 305-853-3319
I was born and raised in Miami, Florida so the water has always been an inherent part of my life. After completing my education I chose to serve in the US ARMY. The core values of loyalty, respect, integrity, and personal courage I learned in the Army continue to guide me in my everyday life. After serving my country, I started my career in sales. Now with twelve years as a sales professional I am blessed to be a part of an amazing organization, Plantation Boat Mart. I look forward to helping you find the right boat for you, and your family.
George Burke III - Sea Hunt Account Executive

George Burke III

Sea Hunt Account Executive
Phone: 305-853-3311
Born and raised in eastern Pennsylvania, the boating lifestyle came to me at the early age of 8 years old. My grandparents retired in Boca Raton 30 years ago, so South Florida has always been my second home. About 10 years ago my family purchased a vacation home in Jupiter and while here we've enjoyed everything the water has to offer. Saltwater fishing has become my passion and I truly enjoy nothing more than being out on the water. Prior to Plantation, I was employed at a large retail dealership representing 10 different brands about 50 miles north of Philadelphia. It was there, I became knowledgeable in a variety of different boat manufacturers. My number one goal always has been customer satisfaction and I take pride in using my knowledge and experience to help my customers have the most pleasant buying experience possible. I hold a bachelor’s degree in business from Penn State, along with a 100 Ton Master License from the USCG and a Florida yacht broker’s license. Give me a call and let me prove my commitment to excellence to you!
Steve Sioui - Sea Hunt Account Executive

Steve Sioui

Sea Hunt Account Executive
Phone: 305-853-3322
I was born and raised in Michigan and have been around boats my entire life. Not only am I an avid boater and fisherman, but I am outdoorsman as well. During my time away from work, you will always find me enjoying my passions with my friends and family. I have been with Boat Mart now for 3 years and enjoy helping customers find the best boat for their needs. I build a strong relationship with my customers whom I refer to as friends. In fact, many of them have been out fishing and hunting with me. I especially enjoy working with Sea Hunt because the brand represents great value and quality. My customers are knowledgeable and know what they want which enables me to enjoy what I do. I am also a United States Army veteran having proudly served for 3 years.
Barney Watkins - General Sales Manager

Barney Watkins

General Sales Manager
Phone: 305-852-5424
I have always been a boating enthusiast at first on huge lakes where I use to run my go fast Donzi ZR and now in the Florida Keys. The water has always called to me and therefore after spending 30 years as owner and president of a General Motors automotive dealership and a finish lubricants Exxon Mobil distributorship M.C. Petroleum, my wife Gina and I sold our businesses in 2016 and moved to the Keys to pursue early retirement surrounded by beautiful waters. Buying a beautiful home overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and shortly thereafter going through Hurricane Irma kept us busy for a while. However, once we had our home back to the way we wanted it I found myself bored and started to contemplate my next steps. I met Elias De La Torre, owner of Plantation Boat Mart and HCB, through a mutual friend - Gus Solis. I mentioned to Elias that I was looking for a new challenge and planted the idea of heading up sales as the General Sales Manager for Plantation Boat Mart & HCB. As of June 1st, 2018 I embarked on a new chapter leading the sales efforts of Plantation Boat Mart and honored to represent phenomenal brands such as HCB and Sea Hunt.
Leslie De La Torre - Operations Manager

Leslie De La Torre

Operations Manager
Phone: 305-852-0083
My career at Plantation Boat Mart began at day one in 1996! As a member of the founding family, I have been in and around the boating business my entire life and it still plays a major part in my immediate family ’s happiness. At the shop, I handle many responsibilities including sales assistance on the retail finance side and to advertising needs both in print and online. My husband and 2 children take an annual fishing trip to the Bahamas where we do what we love - fish! There is no better way to spend time and strengthen the bonds of family than in a boat on the water! That is why I have remained in the business and take great pleasure when we welcome a new member to the PBM family knowing they will enjoy it as much as I do!
Scott Washington - Business Manager

Scott Washington

Business Manager
Phone: 305-853-3324
I grew up on a farm in Oklahoma, and always looked forward to going fishing with my dad on his bass boat. The water has been a huge part of my life ever since. I wanted to move close to the Ocean so that’s what prompted me to move to Florida, as you can go boating all year around! My passion has always been boating and Aviation! I have owned several boats in my life, from center consoles to cabin cruisers. I have my Masters Boat Captains License and look forward to anytime I can get out on a boat whether for 10 minutes or 3 day weekends. I have been a Business Manager for many years and I handle all the closing documents to try to make your experience here at Plantation Boat Mart a fun and pleasant experience for you.
Pete Caballero - Director of Marketing

Pete Caballero

Director of Marketing
Phone: 305-853-3321
As far back as I can remember, I have always loved everything about boats. When I was 5 years old, my dad and I would work on our family boat making all sorts of repairs. I especially like making fiberglass repairs because of the way it smelled. Still to this day, the smell of fiberglass takes me back to some wonderful memories. At our local marine supplies and dealerships, I would collect the brochures of new boats and then practically memorize the specifications of each boat. In middle school, I would save my lunch money to help buy needed safety gear or supplies for our boat. As a teenager when I got my first job, I bought a boat before my first car. Boats have always been in my DNA and a huge part of who I am today. Working at Plantation Boat surrounded by HCB and Sea Hunts is like a dream job for me. Sharing this passion with others and helping them get into the boating lifestyle is what I love to do.